5 Steps to treating Sleep Apnea / Snoring


American Sleep Association will ship you the FDA cleared oral appliance and will bill Medicare or your insurance company.


American Sleep Association mails you an impression kit where you take an impression of your uper and lower teeth. (If your provider will not insure the oral appliance, we will notify you in writing before proceeding.)

After taking an impression of your upper and lower teeth, you mail your impressions in the preaddressed envelope to our labs.

Upon receiving your oral appliance, you wear the oral appliance at night to eliminate or reduce sleep apnea.You will sleep better with an oral appliance that is quiet and comfortable and that has been FDA cleared to eliminate or reduce sleep apnea.



Verify If Your Provider Will Cover the Cost of the Oral Appliance

Medicare and insurance companies require that you have a sleep study and have sleep apnea in order for them to cover the cost of the oral appliance. Answer the questions below to see if your provider will cover the cost of the oral appliance.


Have you had a sleep study test performed?




Who is your health care provider?


Private Insurance



Do you want an oral appliance or an oral appliance and a CPAP?

Oral Appliance

Oral Appliance & CPAP


Does your teeth or mouth have any of the following?


(this is used to determine how to make your oral appliance)


Missing Teeth






Unfilled Cavity


Permanent Retainer




Tori (bump on roof of mouth)


Abnormally small or large mouth


Overbite, Under bite, Cross Bite or Open Bite